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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  August 8, 2017 12:30pm-1:00pm EDT

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police are now trying to figure out if this was murder or a case of self-defense. happened around 1:00 a.m. here on the 300 block of box elder drive. according to neighbors and a family member brooks jennings was shot and killed. neighbors described the gunman as argumentative and they said police had been called to his residence in the past. >> my heart sunk in my -- to my feet. >> reporter: because? >> because i knew something had happened. i had seen that there was a shooting on box elder. >> we know the name of the shooter but we are withholding his name since he has not been formally charged. we're also learning more about a police-involved shooting in north philadelphia that left a new jersey man in critical condition. officials say the officers told the man to drop his weapon but he refused and then fired at police and that's when they fired back. "action news" reporter vernon odom is live at police headquarters with the latest on that. vernon.
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>> reporter: good afternoon, rick. philadelphia police have just released the identification of the suspect who exchanged gunfire with them on a heavily populated residential street yesterday afternoon. he remains hospitalized but expected to survive. police say this man, 30-year-old josé gonzalez of camden remains hospitalized in critical but stable condition after he was wounded in a wild gun fight with police yesterday after on north fairhill street. [gunfire] >> (screaming). >> reporter: "action news" obtained this video that shows the moment the gunshots broke out in broad daylight around 4:45. police were responding to reports of a man with a gun. they found him quickly and he opened fire police say and then the police responded. >> the male not only was armed with a gun but he preliminarily we're getting information from civilians that he actually ensured that the gun was loaded by racking it and slapping the magazine
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plate. at that time that male fired twice at uniformed officers. uniformed officers returned fire, hitting the male. the male was then transported to temple hospital. >> they had the wherewithal to say -- to run over and kick that didn't -- gun away. >> reporter: no police officers were injured. the same with stray bullets entered north fairhill street home full of children. >> we were laying in the bed watching tv and we heard the bullet go through the window and she started screaming and i immediately got up 'cause the kids were outside playing. it was scary. >> you ever imagine -- >> no. i mean yes because the way we live now it's crazy. >> reporter: police say gonzalez was in possession of a stolen car when they confronted him. he's no stranger from law enforcement and had just been released from jail after being locked up for a stolen car case in philadelphia.
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gonzalez has an arrest of 13, history of 13 arrests. >> it just speaks to the dangers of police work and sometimes what you see on big city streets, people walking around with guns, no sense of responsibility whatsoever. >> reporter: rick, to be noted here, great luck that no officers or innocent bystanders were wounded in that wild situation on north fairhill street yesterday afternoon. live at police headquarters in center city, i'm vernon odom channel6 "action news." >> all right, vernon thank you. in other news a body was found inside of a burning home in the kensington section of philadelphia and now homicide detectives are investigating. the fire broke out just before 11 o'clock last night here on the 1800 block of east clementine street. officials say they are investigating the fire as a possible arson and now they're trying to figure out how the person found inside the home died. we'll bring you more on this
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story as new information develops on and on "action news" later today beginning at 4:00. new jersey state police arrested a mother on charges she abandoned her 10-year-old son with special needs. 39-year-old debra wisler of millville township is accused of walking her son into a wooded area with his luggage and leaving him there. the alleged incident happened last week near the visitor's center at joint base dix mcguire lakehurst. a passerby called police. the boy told authorities -- was able to give police his mom's name and phone number. detectives said wisler was trying to get her son into a child program at the base but he wasn't eligible. wisler was charged and released pending a court date. turning now to the forecast. the heavy rain that fell all day long yesterday is finally gone. we've got clouds hanging around right now and feeling a little cooler outside at lunchtime. as we look live outside sky6 hd showing you penn's landing, pretty picture there.
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accuweather says we'll be dry for a few days. the sun will finally make a return. meteorologist karen rogers outside on the terrace with those details. karen. >> literally as you said the fun will finally make a return i just got a peak of it through the cloud right now. we've been seeing peaks of cloud and sun here or there, not full on sunshine just yet but we'll take it. it's better than yesterday. a lot of people on social media were saying to me it felt like fall this morning. it was 64 in reading and allentown, 66 in philadelphia, 69 in millville was the low, 68 degrees in atlantic city airport, 68 degrees in wildwood and temperatures are rebounding a bit. we're at least at 70 quakertown and pottstown. 66, though, in coatesville, 72 in media. 75 in center city. 71 in warminster and some of the suburbs in new jersey we're in the low 70's like hammonton 71, 74 in glassboro and 71 in smyrna, delaware. let's check out these satellite and radar and we can see we are still kind of stuck with a lot of clouds.
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it's taking awhile to get the clouds out of here. at least the rain has moved off the coastline. we got clipped by a lip of that this morning. in pittsburgh they've got nice sunny skies. peeks today, more sun tomorrow. at 2 o'clock 78 degrees. at 4 o'clock 80. that's your high today. at 6 o'clock 77 degrees. 8 o'clock just before sunset it will dip to the low 70's and then dropping pretty quickly thereafter. at 10 o'clock it's 69 degrees. we're going to have mainly clear skies. the clouds will be out of here but under those clear skies temperatures are really going to drop and some of the suburbs tomorrow morning like allentown you'll be about 55 degrees so if you thought this morning was cool, tomorrow even more so and 63 for the low in philly. how about the weekend? what's that looking like? i'm always looking ahead towards the weekend, rick. i'll have that in the accuweather forecast in a couple minutes. >> all right karen we'll see you back inside shortly. thank you. as always you can keep an eye on this week's weather with our 6abc app. check the seven day and hourly forecasts any time along with storm tracker6 radar images
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from across the region. the 6abc app is a free download for your mobile device. the heavy rain yesterday was part of a severe weather system that slammed other parts of the u.s. from texas to the east coast, there were tornadoes flooding and rescues from dangerous rising water. abc correspondent maggie rulli has more. >> reporter: after a massive storm system ripped across the country lighting up the sky and drowning roadways, today the cleanup. >> and i walked back here and looked at this building and it looked like a war zone. >> reporter: a possible tornado tearing through buildings in salisbury maryland. >> the rain went horizontal and then there was a gigantic boom and the ceiling dropped about a foot. >> reporter: powerful winds crumbling buildings and flinging cars like toys. in houston, texas, torrential downpours dumped more than a half a foot of rain since midnight. >> the water just like submerged our car.
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>> reporter: and more emergency flash flood warnings in nearby san antonio. drivers caught off guard in the rising floods had to be rescued. dangerous lightning strikes set homes on fire throughout texas. >> pretty much the whole attic looked like it was on fire. >> reporter: in tulsa, oklahoma an ef-2 tornado. >> oh, my goodness. >> it was just black and everything exploded. >> reporter: the family that shot this cell phone video says they didn't have time to escape the powerful twister. >> we all get away from the window. next thing you know the tornado is down and we're under the debris. >> reporter: we're also watching tropical storm franklin in mexico. maggie rulli abc news, new york. >> philadelphia police say they've recovered the rental car stolen from an avis over the weekend. officials say four thieves roughed up a security guard then stole four cars from the
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avis at philadelphia international airport early saturday morning. one of the suspects was armed with a handgun. the guard will be okay. so far none of the suspects has been tracked down. well, tonight at musikfest in bethlehem aloe blacc will take the main stage. he's known for his main hit wake me up. the singer will be on the stand with noah cyrus and shakespeare. be sure to stop by our booth to meet our reporters and anchors. you can take a photograph and get their autograph as well. musikfest runs through sunday. much more ahead. rachel and bryan are engaged. hear from the couple who found love on the bachelorette and about rachel's history making moments on reality television. and a french artist works inspired by philadelphia history are now on display at the barnes foundation. we'll take you to the new exhibition. those stories and much more when "action news" continues in a moment. >> ♪
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>> a ferry burst into flames with more than 30 people on board. this is new video from southern chile on sunday. naval officers were able to rescue everyone on the boat. no injuries were reported. it's believed the blaze started in the engine room. president donald trump taking to twitter to air grievances and relay his thoughts on major issues. today that included north korea and the opioid crisis. emily rau has more from washington. >> reporter: as president trump continues his working vacation he's showing no signs of taking a break from his controversial twitter habit. tuesday morning the president firing off five tweets, three of them fox news stories. one of those stories citing anonymous sources and revealing classified information about the u.s. tracking the movement of north korean missiles. ironically president trump's un ambassador was on fox and friends condemning the story apparently unaware it was fox
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news that released it. >> i can't talk about anything that's classified and if that's in the newspaper that's a shame. >> i will tell you it's incredibly dangerous when things get out into the press like that. you're not only just getting a scoop on something, you're playing with people's lives and this is got to stop. whatever the leaks -- wherever the leaks are coming from if somebody thinks they're getting power or fame from it all you're doing is putting americans in danger. >> reporter: the administration announced a crackdown on leaks but today it was the president himself allegedly spreading that leaked information. today's presidential tweets less combative than monday his messages carrying a much angrier tone repeatedly lashing out at democratic senator richard blumenthal who once insinuated he served in the vietnam war. >> i am not going to going to be distracted or bullied. >> reporter: president trump blasted what he called fake news and phony poll numbers saying his base is stronger than ever. the most recent cnn poll, however, putting donald trump's approval rating at
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just 59 percent among republicans. emily rau,abc news, washington. >> the phillies start a two game series with the braves in atlanta tonight and they'll carry heavy hearts as this is the first game since the announcement of all-star catcher darren daulton. millville new jersey's own mike trout celebrated his 25th birthday with his 1,000th career hit. happened during yesterday's angels-orioles game. trout's teammates showered him with interesting birthday gifts after the game. you'll see eggs, baby powder, coffee creamer, cereal and whatever else was in the trash can. happy birthday mike trout. okay. well, a south jersey baseball team took flight this morning bound for arkansas. it's the final step in their quest for a national championship. the team boarded a flight at philadelphia international airport. the midatlantic regional champions are headed to the baseball ruth world series in arkansas. the first game is friday
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against ohio valley. the team is made up of players from the shore communities in atlantic county. and still ahead on "action news" at 12:30, another check of your forecast as we look live outside. sky6 hd showing you the center city skyline from our temple university cam. meteorologist karen rogers has an update from accuweather when we come right back. >> ♪
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>> rachel lindsay's road to romance led her to bryan. the bachelorette professord her love for the chiropractor from miami on the season finale last night and he proposed. >> rachel lynn lindsey will be my dream match forever. >> yes. >> will you marry me. >> yes. give it to me. >> it was clear bryan abasolo captured rachel's impression when she gave him the first impression rose. the couple talked about it on "good morning america" about the relationship and rachel spoke about making history as the first african-american bachelorette.
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>> i said you a humbled and honored to be the first but at the same time i think it opened up the audience of who tuned into the bachelorette and i think people got to see me in a powerful position as an african-american woman and then at the end of the day see that my journey for love is no different from anyone else's the. >> the couple is talking wedding plans. bryan says she can have whatever she wants. he already got it. he already knows whatever she wants. >> i'm not sure about bryan so. >> who were you -- who did you want. >> i liked peter but it's a long story. i'll fill you in later. >> all right. >> and you may want to know the forecast. >> if you have the time. >> i mean, i have so much to talk about but i could fit it in. this is storm tracker and it shows us that the showers are pushing off the coast. wow, that rain from yesterday took a long while to get of here. we were stuck with a little bit of it this morning and it's inching off the coast now. let's go outside right now and
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see what it looks like. lots of clouds up above. we've been catching a peek or two of sun here and there and we'll see that a little bit more so this afternoon as we look live over the ben franklin bridge. there goes a plane right there. 75 degrees the current temperature. the dewpoint 61. still a little sticky there. the winds out of the north-northeast that's together to help to dry us it. winds have picked up a little bit. 12 miles an hour. the pressure is rising now. that's good news. that's high pressure building in that will give us more sunshine the next couple days. the ocean temperature is 72. here's the satellite and radar image. we see the rain move on out of here. we have lots of clouds, though, that have been sticking with us and you can see the breaks in the clouds as you look to the west but it's taking a little while to get the clouds out of here. high pressure located to our west and as that continues to push eastward we'll get the clouds and the rain out of here and that means we'll have better weather coming your way but it's going to take a little while at the shore. the lehigh valley you'll be among the first to see the sunshine. at the shore you'll be the last a79 for your high in
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atlantic city. 80 degrees in beach haven. some breaks of sun later in the day. that's for sure. 80 degrees in bethany beach. 74 the ocean water temperature with a land breeze today at the shore. at 2 o'clock it's 78 degrees. at 4 o'clock 80, that's your high for today. at 6 o'clock coming down from that, lots of clouds, some sunny breaks, 77. at 8 o'clock just before sunset, 74 and getting kind of cool tonight. at then clock 69 degrees under mainly clear skies. great night to go to musikfest. bethlehem is looking good. we are dry, we are clear, none of the problems of yesterday. at 7 o'clock, 75 that's when aloe blacc performs. at 8 o'clock, 72, at 9 o'clock, 68. at 10 o'clock 65 and then 11 o'clock dipping down to 64 degrees and then tomorrow it's really picture perfect. pick of the week. high pressure moves right in up above, 83 degrees so just a touch warmer than today. still a little bit below average but low humidity and lots of sunshine. so can't beat that combination. we continue to watch tropical
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storm franklin that made landfall in the yucatan peninsula last night. it's going to intensify and make landfall again in mexico could be strong enough to be a hurricane then. right now winds are sustained at 45 miles per hour but not a threat to the u.s. here's your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast. clouds, lots of them, some sunshine, 80 for your high. tomorrow what a change. nice and bright and 83 but a cool start to the day. thursday mostly sunny skies and 84. friday cooler with lots of clouds on 79. just a shower or two. friday isn't looking terribly wet now. saturday partly sunny. it's going to be a little humid with a shower around. on sunday, about 84 degrees for your high. it's humid. some sunshine and a shower. neither day is washout. and monday stays water sticky so the humidity starts to come up, 84 degrees. but 84 and sticky is not too bad. it's not like 100. >> that's for sure. thank you, karen. from paris to the city of brotherly love, the barnes foundation has a new exhibition that features a french artist who spotlights a
12:52 pm
community of african-american horse riders in north philadelphia. dave murphy has more on this week's 6abc loves the arts. >> ♪ >> reporter: it's called urban riders an exhibition that's already drawn acclaim in paris frankford and amsterdam and now for its first u.s. showing the works are here in the city that inspired their creation. mohammed boassi a french algerian artist internationally known for his showcasing marginalized inner city communities. >> affected by the social, racial issues that are so strong in the united states. >> reporter: for this project he spent almost a year in the city's strawberry mansion section working with the nearly centuries old fletcher street urban riding club and creating a body of roughly 85 works. >> we have sculptures drawings, photos. >> reporter: largest by far is a monumental mural relief made of french car parts some printed with photos of philadelphia. >> the artist urban experience
12:53 pm
when you walk in the city and some walls are painted. >> reporter: the artist organized a horse riding competition that became the basis for a short film called horse day that's also part of the exhibition. >> it plays at the same time and they are projected on two different walls. >> reporter: both the horses and riders are dressed in extravagant costumes designed by local artists. >> we have a costume made with ribbons, a costume made with cd's. >> reporter: as a muslim immigrant living on the on the outskirts of paris mohammed focuses on race and economic class. this is his first project in the u.s. >> maybe help people to know, to have better -- to be more open. >> reporter: urban riders is on display at the barns through october 2nd. for tickets visit the arts in for 6abc loves the arts, i'm dave murphy.
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>> a hotel in buffalo new york is giving new meaning to the term room service. the west tin hotel recently introduced chip the robotic butler. now it has alexa the voice of amazon echo. the hotel is putting one in every room. it can place orders to the front desk without using your phone like ordering extra towels shampoo toothbrushes and chip the robot will deliver it to your:alexa can act as a concierge and give dinner recommendations. it is futuristic fun but a little bit on the creepy side as well. how much privacy are you getting in your room. >> not sure but i want one of those robots. deliver it to my house, why not. >> is your husband watching. >> let's take a look right now and show you what's going on. i've got this closeup satellite view to show you how the past 12 hours, the clouds have thinned a little bit so it looks a little brighter out there but no full-on sunshine today. we'll just see peaks of sunshine. tomorrow is your day for the
12:57 pm
full on sun. 80 for your high today. that's 6 degrees below average. tonight even cooler. mostly clear and comfortable. rick it's going to get down to 55 in some of the suburbs. >> wow. >> feeling like fall, right. >> exactly. a look at some of the stories this afternoon on "action news" at 4 o'clock. we continue to follow breaking news from plymouth meeting where s.w.a.t. team still on the scene in a normally quiet neighborhood. chopper6 is overhead as two men came out of a home with their hands up. "action news" is on the scene talking to neighbors. we'll have the very latest coming up today at 4:00. that's going to it for "action news" afternoon. "action news" at 4:00 five 5:00 and 6:00. i'm rick williams. have a nice afternoon. we'll see you right here again. eligible for medicare?
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